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16 Minute Work Print

A workprint uploaded to YouTube by Erik Zamora, a former Academy of Art University student.

This footage contains no dialogue, with the music and visuals being the only original remnants of the film, as Zamora was assigned with doing custom sound design for the footage. The footage was originally owned by Marco D'Ambrosio, who was Zamora's professor at the time and had Joshua Hecht act as a substitute professor while he was gone for a couple of months. Hecht was told by D'Ambrosio to hand the footage out for students to work on as an assignment. Mr. Hecht is currently known to be deceased.

For many, this is considered the closest that viewers can get to a final version of the film, even if it's only 16 minutes in length. However, while the visuals and music are from the original film in this video, the animation in particular appears incomplete; there are some portions during this workprint in which animation is replaced with animatic drawings.

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