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A Collection More Than 3 Years in the Making


At least two trailers were released for the film and are still available for public viewing - a teaser trailer which came on a pre-order bonus disc for the Phantom Blood PlayStation 2 game from 2006, and a Theatrical trailer that was recovered from the film's now-defunct website and uploaded to sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. There are two more trailers known to exist, but they have yet to be recovered.


Uploaded to YouTube by former Academy of Art University student Erikson Zamora in 2012, this footage would serve as a starting point for JoJo fans and lost media hunters in their search.


A unique animated trailer shown once at the 2004 Tokyo Anime Fair and never seen again, until it was found on a DVD-R and sold online to the archive by an anonymous seller.


While model sheets of the main cast were typically shown off in magazine promotions, a collection of model sheets for nearly the entire cast of the film, drawn by director Junichi Hayama himself, has been found, scanned, and documented.


In certain theaters that showed the film, you could buy some special items, and even take place in a program called the "WRYYY-peater Campaign", which rewarded viewers for watching the movie multiple times.


Since Phantom Blood was a dual-anniversary release, it got plenty of coverage via magazines and other printed media - including a couple of magazines dedicated entirely to the film.

The film had an official website, but due to the way the website was created, it is no longer fully functional, even when using the Wayback Machine. However, traces of it can still be found scattered on the internet.


Multiple events were held throughout Japan to promote the film and other JoJo's Bizarre Adventure material due to its 20th anniversary, including promoting the Phantom Blood video game that was created by Bandai Namco for the PlayStation 2.

Throughout the movie's premiere, fans and viewers alike expressed their views and opinions on the internet, either on personal blogs or on film critiquing websites.


Our collection of movie memorabilia and promotional material is ever-expanding.

If you have something to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can include it here!

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