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Official Trailers

Theatrical Trailer

One of the main trailers showcased on the movie's official website.

There were two versions of the trailer uploaded to YouTube and Nicovideo respectively, but both of them have graphical glitches at specific points. However, YouTube user MangoMation spliced the two versions together, removing all of the graphical oddities.

A full quality version of this trailer has yet to be recovered.

Teaser Trailer

A short teaser for the film.

This trailer was first shown publicly at a showcase event for the Phantom Blood video game for PlayStation 2, and then was included on a bonus disc for those who pre-ordered the game.

The bonus disc can still be bought online from various auction sites.

Special Report Video

A video that was showcased on the film's official website a month before the film's theatrical release, but due to the website's current broken state, cannot currently be viewed.

The only major details that are known is that it was narrated by Rikiya Koyama (William Anthonio Zeppeli), the film's theme song, "Voodoo Kingdom" by SOUL'd OUT accompanied the narration, and that it was played in numerous theaters throughout Japan.

This video has yet to be recovered.

"Know the Movie Version" Presentation

A video presentation showed on Bandai Channel that featured trailers, a video of the Joint Project Presentation from September 2006, and an overall introduction to the film.

Unfortunately, while the webpage that the video is on can be accessed via the Wayback Machine, the video itself is not currently viewable. As such, this presentation has yet to be recovered.

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