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Special Theater Items, Merchandise,
and the WRYYY-peater Campaign

Theaters and stores sold multiple promotional items and souvenirs for the film, from bookmarks to bronze statues. Some of these items can still be found on online auction sites such as Yahoo! Auctions and Mercari.

Stone Mask Strap

Arguably the most common of the film's promotional items, this strap was one of the prizes viewers could obtain for viewing the movie multiple times. However, this strap has a history beyond the film itself.

The Stone Mask strap was not just given out in theaters, but also as a prize as part of a competition for an online pinball game themed around the Stardust Crusaders OVA's. If a player earned 10,000 points or more, they would be entered for a chance to win a Stone Mask strap, as well as Bunko Set Boxes for Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, and Stardust Crusaders that had postcards included.

The deadline for this competition was June 30th, 2005, around a year before the Phantom Blood PlayStation 2 game event, and in turn before the teaser trailer for the film premiered publicly.

This pinball game is still accessible and playable via the Wayback Machine, so long as the user has Adobe Flash Player or an alternative.

Film Bookmarks

Small strips of film were used to create bookmarks that contained frames from specific moments of the film. There are three currently known to exist: one showing Dio Brando being impaled with Hamon at the end of the film, Jonathan Joestar standing on a snowy mountaintop, and a shot of the Stone Mask in George Joestar I's crashed carraige in the beginning of the film.

While all of these bookmarks contain audio waveforms on the left side, attempting to scan them reveals nothing of note.

Super Figure Revolution Statues

Medicos Entertainment, a Japanese toy, action figure, and video game manufacturer, created a line of statues based on characters from Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders, titled the Super Figure Revolution line. The Phantom Blood statues in particular had "Theater Color" variants, which are colored after their designs from the film. The Phantom Blood characters manufactured with Theater Color variants included Jonathan Joestar, Dio Brando, William Anthonio Zeppeli, Tarkus, and Bruford.

Jonathan Joestar Bronze Statue

Medicos Entertainment, alongside their Super Figure Revolution line of statues, created a line of larger statues named the Super Figure Art Collection. Among this line was a bronze statue of Jonathan Joestar, which was sold in certain theaters when the film was being shown. Only 70 of these were ever made, and only 5 were sold per theater. While you can still find one of these statues on online auction sites such as Yahoo! Auctions or Mercari, they can sell online for upwards of $2,000 or more due to their rarity.