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Magazines, Mooks, Flyers and Booklets

Due to the film being a dual-anniversary release, it got quite a bit of coverage in the press - from more popular magazines such as Ultra Jump, to the more unexpected ones, such as Playboy Japan.

All Japanese magazines are read in a right-to-left format, but the images in these galleries have been organized to match a traditional left-to-right format for easier viewing.

If you have English translations of these magazines to provide, please reach out to us via the Contact tab so we can include them here.

Official Movie Guide

A 38-page magazine containing details about the film, as well as screenshots and interviews from the cast, staff, and Hirohiko Araki himself both in regards to the film and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as a whole.

Program Booklet

An 18-page booklet that was given out in theaters containing character designs from the movie, as well as interviews from some of the cast and Hirohiko Araki.

Overdrive Omnibus

A thick magazine that acts as a complete compilation of the entire Phantom Blood manga, while also promoting the movie.