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A Quick Catch-Up

Hi all! Apologies for the lack of new posts until now - life has thrown a lot of things my way, so I haven't had the time to get another post up here.

But, now I'm here, and I can catch you all up to speed on what's happened.

On the lead side of things, nothing has really changed - Japan P.I. accepted our case, and they're working on contacting Shueisha, Another Push Pin Planning, and The Klockworx Ltd. - however, that was a week or two ago, so I will be sending a follow-up in the coming days to ask about any updates.

Other than that, that's about it. I know, not super exciting.

What is super exciting, however, is that I hosted a presentation to showcase many of our findings and overall garner more awareness about the film's existence! You can watch the presentation below.

And... that's about it. Sadly, due to life matters, I will not be able to continue the audio portion of this blog for the time being. However, I will try my best to consistently post here with any new leads and any updates on current ones.

Remember: if you have anything to contribute to the archive, whether it be leads or new findings, head over to the Contact tab and reach out - we'd love to have your contributions here!

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Gianluca Agliata
Gianluca Agliata
29 mag 2023

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