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Media Literacy: How to tell What's Good, and What's Not

This week, we're going in-depth on how to improve your media literacy when partaking in lost media projects.

But first, our current leads - still no word from any of the American anime distributors or any of the film archives I've managed to find - however, I am currently in the process of talking with Japan P.I. about getting our case started. You will likely be hearing if the case has officially started by the next blog.

Media literacy is something that a lot of people seem to lack. I don't mean to sound hateful or make fun of people, but people who end up spreading misinformation/disinformation end up getting their information from a bad source - in other words, they lack media literacy. The same can be said for newer lost media hunters - websites that say the movie can be watched for free, or that Hirohiko Araki hated the film, in the case of Phantom Blood, don't have any sources to back them up, and those without good media literacy generate their clicks and put themselves at risk.

For this episode, I'll be giving you some tips on how to improve your own media literacy, and give you some red flags to watch out for.


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May 13, 2023

Thank you for pointing out what to look for. The internet is a dodgy place and the amount of times I have seen people using sources like this is insane. Thank you for making information like this accessible

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