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Listener Request: Common Misconceptions

This week, as per listener request, we are debunking some common misconceptions regarding the film. This topic was requested by Discord user SeriousSeiko, so thank you for the suggestion!

But first, our current leads - unfortunately, not much has changed since last week - no word from the distributors, the film archives, or Japan P.I. Follow-ups have been sent, and I'll keep you all posted.

Ever since the search for the film really kicked off around 2019, there have been rumors and misinformation spread about the film. This episode aims to put some of the bigger pieces to rest.

During this episode, I mention that the Lost Media Wiki stated that Hirohiko Araki hated the film without citing a source - I should have mentioned that they stated this when the film was first added to the wiki. The Lost Media Wiki now contains more accurate information and sources regarding the film. Still interesting to note regardless.

I also find the storyboards that were used in the OVA's special features to be interesting. The narration that accompanied them in the special feature was done by Michael Bennett, who voiced Joseph Joestar in the Stardust Crusaders OVA's English dub. These storyboards are likely the closest things we'll get to seeing some classic JoJo moments in the OVA's artstyle - at least, until we find the Phantom Blood film.

As always, if you have any leads or anything to contribute to the archive, click on the Contact tab and reach out!


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Apr 02, 2023

It's astonishing to see how many people spread these around with no concrete proof. Hopefully as more information is made accessible people will stop spreading these common misconceptions

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