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The Film's Official Website: What Happened?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

This week, we're talking all about the film's website.

But first, our current leads - they haven't changed much from last week's blog. Our contact still plans on going to Sakura Con in April to ask Junichi Hayama about the film, though I have contacted Sakura Con via email to see if there is any way I can reach him personally. Other than that, nothing else has really changed. If you have any leads for us to look into, contact us via the Contact tab up above!

Now, the website - as a prominent platform for advertising Phantom Blood, it contained a treasure trove of information... but now almost all of that information has been lost to time. The question remains: why?

It all comes down to how the website was made. The construction of a website in 2006/2007 was far different to how we do it now. Back then, many websites required Adobe Flash Player or some sort of equivalent - Flash Player has been discontinued for years now. To try and preserve these relics of the past, we must find alternatives and rely on technology such as the Wayback Machine in order to see what can still be salvaged.

In this week's audio blog, I take a bit of a deeper dive into what the website contained, what remains of it, and why it doesn't work anymore.


URL to the movie's website (via the Wayback Machine, requires Flash Player or an alternative to function):

For the Special Report Video:

For the "Know the Movie Version" Presentation:

URL to the 2-Minute Trailer (via the Wayback Machine):

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Feb 18, 2023

Another great entry! The stuff about the files was interesting and it did answer my question as to why the website does not function as intended. It would be cool if someone were to work their way around it as you mentioned. Looking forward to the next set of entries and hopefully those lost trailers will be found one day. Hope you have a great week!

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